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relatively plug and play, the 4-Stroke skis all require the use of an additional bypass . Please read instructions below how to connect the diagnostic system!.

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Run the program insert the key on the DESS post of your PWC Remember always read the instructions provided by CanDooPro website.

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CanDooPro's GPS Speedometer Module features easy, plug-and-play installation for most and-newer Sea-Doos, Kawasakis and.

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The guys at candoo did. No cutting, no splicing, just plug and play and also you can sell off The candoo it's calibrated as per instructions.

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Here is the website for the manufacturer of the CanDooPro, a MPEM programmer replacement for the . yep i would pay to play around with my mpem.

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Ok guys, I have been talking to David from Candoo Pro for a The application will not run until the hardware has been plugged in one time. First thing you do is follow the instructions provided or go to

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Page 3 of 4 - Bought a CanDooPro - First Impression - posted in Sledding - General Discussion: Im not sure what you It is plug and play.

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Using a Oil Extractor in the dipstick pipe, its so easy Full Instructions. You can run synthetic oil ONLY if it is JASO MA rated. Candoo Pro.