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I tried to wean it off very slowly and divided the capsule in half but after 2 One would add, say, 10 mg of Fluoxetine to your Cymgen, and take.

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According to her the Cymgen might increase my anxiety feeling in the morning after drinking it. I struggle to get off this pill - can you please.

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I was put onto Cymbalta years ago for treatment of Fibromialgia - I have tried to take 1 every second day but it makes me feel terrible - PLEASE HELP!! Cymgen (Cymbalta) just like any other antidepressant should be slowly taper down to avoid discontinuation / withdrawal symptoms.

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You can go down to 30mg for a month then down to 20mg for a month then try to go off or divide the dose in 1/2 so it is 10 mg for a month and.

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To be fair, the first time I took myself off Cymbalta, it was less of a “took Why would you ever take yourself off a drug like that cold turkey?.

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I had a lot of 'brain farts' where my mind would stop with a blank and couldn't get my words out. I decided it was time to get off of Cymbalta.

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But NEVER totally get off of it if you have been at a high dosage for a year or more, Some people take months to get off Cymbalta some can do it faster and.

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For many, this method of weaning is too fast, sending them into withdrawal. Cymbalta users can also take an active role in this matter by printing off research .

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Com/medical/72na2-off-cymgenmg-don-t How do I get OFF of Cymgen (60MG )- I don't WANT to take it any more. , AM # Amazon. Com ›.

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Once the last dosage of duloxetine has been taken, it can take up to two and a half Also, tapering off duloxetine rather than abruptly discontinuing use will.