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Line voltage must be the same as indicated on the photocontrol label. 3. Connect the Black wire of the light fixture to the Red wire of the photocontrol. d.

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3A Photo Cell / Daylight Switch Brand: SELCON (Made In Japan) Model: AS- A Rated:AC V 3A 50/60Hz Noticing items about construction work. Must be.

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I just purchased the above mentioned sensor and now am planning to attach it to the switches for my 2 porch lights which is located also in the.

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HOW TO CONNECT PHOTO CONTROLS. TYPE NUMBER. Lead wire black to electric power source. Lead wire white to common. Lead wire red to lamp(load).

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Connection the photo controls selcon ASA to fluorescence. The connetion. Posted by Anonymous on Apr 19, Want Answer 0. Clicking this will make.

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Photo Controls Dimensions. V 6A Quick connecting type. Applicable to AS- P3, PSP1,PSP2. △TOP.

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Product name. SELCON Lamp Photocontrols Description ASA Rated:AC V 3A 50/60Hz turn-on at about XL tun-off at about XL Noticing items.