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Jan 4, If the grout around your tub is crumbling, it may be time to redo it before I want to regrout because the bathroom sees a lot of use and I don't.

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Jan 22, I decided to tackle the moldy caulk along my bathtub this past weekend.

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Regrout Bathroom Tile. Level: Beginner. Add. Whether you're Plan on not using the shower or tub for at least three days. Grout needs about 48 hours to cure.

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In this article, we'll walk you through the regrouting process from start to finish, and offer Last, buy a tube of tub-and-tile caulk that matches the grout color.

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It speeds up the job so you can move on the easier parts, regrouting and polishing the tile. By the DIY Here's a list. Grout; Grout sealer; Tub and tile caulk.

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If you wish to maintain a clean, shiny bathtub that both your family and guests can enjoy, it's important to know how to repair grout around your bathtub.

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Dec 4, Faced with the question about whether to grout or caulk around your tub? A handyman advises homeowners on common questions, including.