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The metal itself is sound no rust through.. When it hit these areas with the sander Home · Forum · Body Shop · Rust Repair; Pitted Sheet Metal.

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leave it off and fill the holes) anyways there was a fair amount of rust underneath, so I cleaned it up with a 3M stripper wheel. the sheet metal is pitted and some pretty deep. .. Fix it however you want I don't know nuthin'.

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To fix pitted metal, whether it is a fender, picture frame or decorative item for your Wrap a sheet of grit sandpaper around a sanding block and sand the.

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you're going to run into a sheet metal component in need of major repair. or do the work yourself, any thin, pitted surfaces will self-destruct.

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A 2-part epoxy-based repair composite for rebuilding shallow pitting in metals damaged by erosion and corrosion. This solvent-free material is specifically.

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How to Fix Rust Pits In Body Work If you are lucky, your project car is straight with nicks and chips have allowed salt and moisture to eat little pits in the metal.

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I posted below asking about Eastwoods Fast Etch, but generally speaking what are the steps in repairing pitted sheet metal. The underside of.

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All the body panels for my Metz have considerable rust pitting. The body You then want to consider SPI epoxy paint direct to metal. It is important to read all the tech sheets for the products that you are using. When repairing heavy rust pit damage to a steel surface a zinc based 2 part primer is.

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If the rust problem is more advanced and has heavily pitted the sheet metal, it will be necessary for you to perform more extensive rust repairs.