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As a highly celebrated saint in both the Western and Eastern Christian churches, Saint George is connected with a large number of patronages throughout the.

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Saint George was a soldier of Palestinian and Greek origins and a member of the Praetorian Guard for Roman emperor Diocletian.

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Every nation has its own 'Patron Saint' who in times of great peril is called upon to help save the country from its enemies. St David is the patron saint of Wales.

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St. George: Saint George, early Christian martyr who became an ideal of martial but he was probably not recognized as England's patron saint until after King.

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April 23 marks the saint's day of England's patron saint St George. English schoolchildren are always taught that he was a knight who slayed.

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The life of Saint George, including the legend of his fight with a dragon and why this Roman soldier from Turkey became the patron saint of.

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Author and Publisher - Catholic Online. Image of St. George. Facts. Feastday: April Patron of England & Catalonia Death: Canonized By: by Pope.

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Saint George. Apolytikion Liberator of captives, defender of the poor, physician of the sick, and champion of kings, O trophy-bearer, Great Martyr George.

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St George is the patron saint of England, but who was he and why don't we get a Bank Holiday to celebrate him?.