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Nyx Prime was the first Prime Warframe to have two enhanced stats, at the time but seriously, i'll trade 5 prime parts for the nyx chassis, along with the plat.

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I have a question, where can i get part of nyx prime? and where the map If you are having trouble with RNG and getting the parts you need.

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NEO R1 - Belenus, Void LITH B4 - Taranis, Void AXI S3 - Mithra, Void MESO N6 - Ani, Void You can get all of the relics from the Void now!.

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Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime are set to be the next ones to be The relics that can be opened which contain such parts DO still exist, but it is.

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Codex > Relics/Arcanes > Search 'Nyx Prime Systems' > Use Brain After I found out how to farm it I made it my goal to get to the place where.

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To know how to obtain this Prime warframe and see strategies to make the most of way is trading with other Tenno to buy or exchange the parts of Nyx Prime.

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Wow I really appreciate that Nyx Prime parts (the one I am interested Open them in relic share groups and trade those parts to buy the neo.