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Fossilized guts reveal that Microraptor – a four-winged, flying dinosaur – had an unusual taste for fish. Located near the fossil's ribs, a mass of fish bones bearing the mark of strong digestive acids suggests the crow-sized reptile's prey veered from the arboreal to the.

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Microraptor is a genus of small, four-winged paravian dinosaurs. Numerous well- preserved Microraptor had long pennaceous feathers that formed aerodynamic surfaces on the arms and tail but also on the legs. This led .. They also argued that the specimen showed a probable adaptation to a fish-eating diet: the good.

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Microraptor is one of his most important finds. This tiny animal, about the size of a pigeon, had four wings, with long feathers on both of its legs.

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However, it does clearly have the remains of a small bird in its gut, including It must have been eaten, and O'Connor thinks that Microraptor.

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What did Microraptor eat? To judge by the ongoing investigation of its hundreds of fossil specimens, pretty much everything that it happened.

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While the Microraptor itself usually does not pose any true threat, its ability to .. In real life, it is believed to have eaten insects and small lizards.

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It had feathers that covered it's whole body and they were also shiny. Microraptors were also able to find food to eat, depending on its.

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Reconstruction of the feeding habits of Microraptor. some dinosaurs likely fed on birds, but till now, no such direct evidence had been found.

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Microraptor had long, powerful feathers anchored onto its arms, but the Fossilized stomach contents reveal that the wee beastie ate some.