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For Xenogears on the PlayStation, Boss FAQ by Ranma. and thanks for checking out my Xenogears Boss Strategy FAQ! Like my .. ^_^ Boss Fight # Giant Wels Location: Yggdrasil II HP: EXP: 77, Gold: 28,

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away around 80 HP). And no, you can't beat Wiseman, he'll just evade your attacks (except for Guided Shots). . Giant Wels. Initially, you can only hit him with.

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You can beat him by continually attacking him and using level 1 deathblows as . Giant Wels (4, HP), -- You can only use Billy's square attack here since.

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(If you did what this Walkthrough says to do in town, Citan won't be in your party. If you didn't do Giant Wels takes your Fuel every once in a while. The only.

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the enemies (Abandons and Wels) are both easy to beat, and Billy's healing magic lets you stay in You then have to fight a Gear battle against a Giant Wels.

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Xenogears Boss/Deathblow Guide Giant Wels BEAT SERPENT: Fuel required: 50 Button sequence: triangle, square Graphical.

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Also, in Xenogears, you can use "gears", which are fighting-robots. BOSS: Giant Wels When hit by an ether attack, he'll grow up. He doesn't.

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This article pertains to Xenogears: the sub-database of Xenosaga Wiki. .. BOSS : GIANT WELS Edit. DIFFICULTY: EASY HP: ITEM: G-M GUN.

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Xenogears Strategy Guide/FAQ For the Sony PlayStation (North American The Giant Wels can hit everyone in your party for up to + HP of damage if its .

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Xenogears Strategy (disc1). Welcome to Ac's Xenogears antivenomefi.com game .. The only thing that hurts the giant wels is Billy's square attack. Head back to the.